Saturday, January 30, 2010


Finally,i'm freeeeeeeeeee, huray~
exam finally finish. my burden all gone ~ xD
waiting for the trip to KL & i'm out of credit.
hope i got the job..hehehe
but then........i'll be run out of time =(

yesterday baby follow me go ask for job. actually i quite reluctant to work. but run out of $$$$$ .
if i got the job,did i still have time to accompany my baby dear?
will i neglect her again? &...will she in mood again again? hmmmmp...=XXXXX
hope i can just work on saturday & sunday. so tat i still have whole weeek to accompany her.

will be go for an interview on monday.
should i wear formal? lol. btw,i saw all the worker hair is black. izzit i should dye black back?
if is it, i dooooonntt wan to work dy~~ bahahahahah...
i will be work at SEC the electronic shop,
if u guys free,please do step in & pay me a visit ya.. xDD i'll be so happy to see u guys~~ hehehe..


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Still, not yet finish my exam. Last to go.
i'm really totally stress out.
been so long never update & write my thought.
seem alot i miss out.

I saw the blog, tat u wrote for me.
i'm touch and i  really mean it.
nearly been tears out.
why do you thank me so much.
in spite of,i should be thanks to u.


u are a wonderful person to me.
u tolerate with me although i'm totally neglect of u, since i having exam.
wat a totally jerks of me.
u said tat u couldnt always go out with me,
but is ok,although u r the 1st one who cant always goin out with me,
but i dont mind tat, i dono why,
i dono why i can feel ur present with me.
and this had make me more and more into you,
a simple miss of u, had mean alot to me.

today u aint happy
but i dint realize. or mayb, u been mood awhile since i dint pay attentention & care for you. =(
and dint ask for simple concern like "how r u in school today", "are u happy today", "did u meet any obstacle today"
and more. i'm sorry babe,
i don't noe how to use word to comfort you.
i dono how to cheer u up,
i dono how to make u smile,
but sincerly deep down my heart,i care bout you more than anything
that u cant imagine.
i'm not the "ti tie" type of person
but i noe wat to do be a best, & loving b for u.

i U , BABY

Friday, January 15, 2010


facing exam, 1 down , 6 more to goooo.
how can i manage.
7 subject. study only 2 subject, the rest ain't see thru either.
Fvck . LEAVE ME ALONE . ignore me*

tomorrow subject of my test -- IOM
confident-ing. get A for this, is a MUST.
been study it over period of time, made me neglect other subject.

gosh*  what the heck am i study about for.
am i regret for study?
for a reason for sure,for my escaping from NS.
2nd reason,for me to stay back in M'sia, my sweet home.

Opt to work at S'pore,
have the feel to work there before.
Mom urge me to go. but...i have no guts.

Will be go there for visit after my exam. =)
& will be back nah. unless,i found a job there xD lol.

Back to study~

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hotel Stay

Eventually, i'm back from Holiday Inn hotel. my mom works there as a purchasing clerk,
so every year we get to have free stay =) wat a benefit for us*. lol

Kinda bored at first,due to sis had ppk me,she dint go becoz she got a date...issh.
FINE, reaching thr abt 6smtg. me & grandpa off to hotel 1st while my mom picked up my 2 little cousin.
luckily have their accompany or else i'll be bored to max.
& luckily to have baby accompany me sms-ing too.
she heading to GURNEY bought pencil box, but....bought none. wats a nincompoop =.=

Around 7.30 plus, setting up my hair & go for dinner at hotel cafeteria.
before i heading to the lobby, something huge but cute had caught my eyes.
look below :

WOW ! FERRARI F430 ! @#$%^&*()
how can it be here...gosh*

I LOVE this white one the much ! argh  
 LOTUS brand? wat exactly,i dono,but i love it.xD

Continue heading to cafeteria without my eyes leaving on these car still..xD
here's our fooooooooooodd !!

that my car..xDDD

10 of january
by 12pm we check out the hotel.
miss u dear.


Thursday, January 7, 2010


Is a brand new year
brand new luck & life
i thought i'll like this year, but i ain't right
things are bad are still keep on-ing.

last year, was the worst year i ever had
having such hard lifetime
friend is dead, breaking-up, accident, (there's more i dont want to say anymore)
i hate 2009, i do hate u!
don't let me hate 2010 though.

are there any twist.
please do.
i can't go through anymore
depress & depression & reccession & inflation zzz

astrological signs mention that there be a solve on 15.
is this true?
i gonna believe it. looking foward for it.
dont let me dissapoint or i'll be empty
and nobody will gonna like it in the way i am.

one thing i like in 2010,
is that i'm glad to having you by my side. B
although u're not here
somehow, u're my comfort, u're my dependence.

ILY babe.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

what a day

arghh~ i damn hate 2day
so unlucky
baby wake me up in 6smtg,
i'm still blurring.
so sked next time say wrong things to her..xDD
after get ready goin to sch,
smtg bad had happen to my car. DARN!!

someone had wrote the word "BODOH"
i damn piss off!!!!!
i still cant cool down..
although now ad 3am in the morning.
i wan to curse u to DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i see you in HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at the end,i dint went to sch,
but get to see my lovely grandma. oww..she such in pain. =((
i love her much,dear GOD ,i beg u with my life,let her be well soooon..pleaseee..
after tat,when i went home i pass by baby sch.
but not getto see her =( juz saw her fren xing hui.
she reach home quite late..miss her much.

at 3pm she got a nap,but i getto wait..aha,since have to wake her up,
i have to stay awake although damn sleepyy..hehe...
due to my car prob, so i have to stay at my "BF" house --> eeling
BF stands for "better than a fren'' xDD lol

tat all for today,
continue my journey to study
bahahaha xDD.

this is the pic i send to baby,cute isn't it?
bahahah..xDD u baby
the end ♫

Saturday, January 2, 2010






p/s: i cant accept this year !!! i hate my age!!!