Friday, January 28, 2011

If - tae yeon

the song i played for you that day,
is wasn't played for fun nor becoz of boring
here's the meaning :

i were to go,
if i were to get close to you,
what would you think?
i don't have the courage.

if you were to go,
if you were to leave,
i don't know how to send you away.
it keep hanging on my mind.

Perhaps i'm a fool and can only watch you from afar.
cause i afraid u will turn away from me,
if so, might.... separate us even more and even become stranger.

Till the part that i played for you,
that the meaning i want to tell you, i dont know if you will saw this.'
no matter how, if you want me to set you free, i'll try to let you go.
is really hard, since i love you for a year and a month, you're part in me.
i don't know why you could let it go so fast so easily, even we been through so many things,
so many moments, if i can lost memory it should be easy for me dy. i'm sorry.
i wont blame you, i know everything wont last long like you said there's no forever.
i know you can't, but i'm not same en, if you choose to hold me one day, i promise i can make it last long and tell you there's forever, i/m sorry.
i know it wont gona happen rite? so i'll just keep it en.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

january ends

gosh times do fly like superman..-.- january is going to end, hmm
can you just stop for 1sec? 1min? 1hour? 1day? and 1year? x)
2011 january..just passed like this... for this whole month i'm busy with exam,
and end of my exam, end of january.. -.- boring~

febuary start.. will be CNY , hmm, ang pao ang pao
money money cash cash cash.. but.......... i don feel to visit relative x_x
can i stay at home? i know sis will take for mee.. heh.

i might become a tutor for primary school in febuary. x)
if u guys have any brother or sister, do contact me for tuition, i'll count cheaper x)
but only available in penang. location will be at farlim area.

that all..

Monday, January 10, 2011

can you tell me is okay

Here, We are.
We been here. Yes we have.

Can you tell me, we're okay ?

We face to face ...
But are we still apart...?
Can you tell me, It's okay?

You can't know what you done,
You can stay, you can go.

Still I will never be the same
But I hope that will be okay ...

No, you don't know how I change ...
I know, I was wrong, I'm sorry that I hurt you.
Can you tell me, It's okay?
Here, We are.
We been here. Before ...
Can you tell me, It's okay?