Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rotten. Update. Langkawi.

Hey guys. so sorry i kept my blog dead for so long.
Was in a depression mode that period.
and i'm okay for now :)

Well,there's nothing much (actually do have much things but i cant describe it :p)
Healing my wound recently and went to Langkawi for Vacation x)
Niice huh? haha.
I bought alot of stuff, chocs and alcohol bacck.
well, i was goin to post my trip story, but i'm lazyy to :p
soorryy xD

If u guys wana know how Langkawi looks like, try going there x)
is more better then looking the picture. hahaa..
is really a great place.
Main activities are EAGLE watching. There's lot of lot of eagle.
and wow ! that my first time to watching these eagle hunt down for meat at the swamp x)
Next will be fish feding and snorkeling. That all the best part. x)

By the way. don't ever forget their food there.
various and delicious x)
before back home. Don't ever forget buy chocs and wine back !!

Because is " DUTY TAX FREE "
buahaha x)

That all. Toodles.
Thanks to readers x)