Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Prom Queen And Kings.

My college held a prom event . I dont know whether those other college have this kind of event too.
Other country definitely have just like i always use to watch in the movie. haha.

So, these were my coll Prom Queen & King.
There have 8pairs candidates male and female, but i just manage took some of them only T_T

1st candidates : Mei Jun
I look like ang mo. xDD

2nd candidates : Roxanne

3rd candidates : Joo Ling
She get to chosen in finalist.

4th Candidates : Fennie Oh

5th candidates: Lyjoo
I love our smile xD

6th candidates: Bearbear ;)
she great in dance.

7th Candidates: Andrea Kok
Fyi, she's Tall and Thin. Woootzzz.!

8th candidates: Catryn Tan

That all for female category. ahaaa.. 
for male category i lazyy uploads ahaaa, coz i've no interesting in male, paiseh har xD

 muahahahaaaa, am surrounded by pretty girls. Syokness in my life x)
Girl girl girl, i need a girl --- by Taeyang. ;)

Ohyea, i forget still have one more pretty girl. 
She have sweet smile. ;)
tadaaa** Eewa How, Student Welfare Committee,
so some of the Prom thingy she in-charge with. 

Ahhh, lastly, an important girl......

Guesss who...


Amanda Yeap. :) 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pokémon ♥

Recently super damn addicted to Pokemon, err, not recently actually, just that when i grow older, im not that insane with Pokemon. Is my childhood memory since i was standard 3. Lol, wow... almost 11 years man ! xD oh gosh ..  how a huge fans i am. i have those collection cards but i gave all awaayyy =(

Re-watching Pokemon Indigo League. (Season 1) 
the very 1st poke movieeee. x)

Ash Ketchum 

and my favourite pokemon. Who's that pokemon?

Is Pikachuuuuu x) "pika pika-pi"


charmender, charmeleon and charizard !





awww, togepiiii. ♥

That're all pokemon i loveeeeee ;)

Indigo league, The greatest and most powerful Pokemon are these :
mewtwo and mew.

I'll never ever forget this :

hahaahhaaa... x)) here's their motto when they start attack :

Prepare for trouble!
Make it double!
To protect the world from devastation!
To unite all peoples within our nation!
To denounce the evils of truth and love!
To extend our reach to the stars above!


Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!

Surrender now, or prepare to fight!


That's right!

That's all of POKEMON.
goodnight to all Poke's Loverrrr. 
toodles. ;)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


hmm..sorry readers. Feeling down again.
i need place to abreact. I think here's the only place?
I couldnt just tell anyone.
yet, i dont hope to let someone read about this.
But i dont think is possible.

so confuse, mind is messing up. real mess.
hard to explain words by words.
hard to express how i feel.

looking at all those pics, those are memory.
everyone does have memory, good or bad is still a memory of "us" too.
It built up from time to time.
And i'm just a short time which appear and interrupt in and screwed up yours memory.
Am i wrong?
Am i ruin everything of urs?
Am i the person u really need?

u've a perfect family, u've a perfect life and u're perfect to me.
i'm just a girl. that is the most part i hated myself for.
should i walked away from you?
should i disappear from ur sight?
ask me i think of it...
I like you, and i love you.
that only way prevent me from losing you.

p/s: this post is just my feeling , dont take it serious. ignore it will do. thanks.

"RT @ThisDamnQuote 
The only things we have left of us are memories."

can i request u to say this word to him?
im must be outta my mind. :/