Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CNY 2011

this year chinese new year was the best year ever.
i get to go visit friends house, honestly this was my 1st time ever enjoy CNY feel
unlike years and years the same place, grandma house, relatives house. Boringggg...

here we are ;)

1st stop, Tami house
kachak* (camera sound) lol
 say cheesee*
from left girls : peimei, yunna, tami, Elise, me, grace
from left boys: zongrun, sam, edward, steve, KC ;)
okayy, we gambling.. all look serioussss
there, we won cash ! kachin*

haha,the big face infront camera is Grace Chong, the model. LOL*

2nd stop, Tami's mom work placee -- secondary school
waiting for break timeee, see any lengluis not ;p

infront this is scene is our lenglui yunnna (越南妹)

Ringgggg..........* here comes the bell
their recess timee x) look behind the scene, i dont saw any lengluis, lol
all kidoos, aint my type ;p but honestly there's one attract me. huhu*

we're still sitting there, all student look at us as weirdo, i heard a lil' boy says 
we are graduate student from this school and come back..LOL, we're not.
while we chit chating before recess,
here comes the vice headmaster, u know what.....
he ask me go to causeling room, ahaha, 
he point one by one said this one nonid, this one good nonid, that one nonid
when point at me, he said, must be causel, bad student, LOL
make me shy shy.
3rd stop, KC's houseeee.
are we look alike like family pic? 
my husband, me and my son. LOL
as if one day i will have my own family, and i want a baby boy ;)
4th stop, grace's house.
hehe, we continueee the gambling weyy, i won some money,
about rm10++ , we use rm1 for every bet. not bad for me x)

 after that we went to E.T restaurant for steamboat, too bad i dint snap any pics.

5th stop, my house..x)
is the 1st time i invite frens to my house pay a new year call. real fun.
mom had prepare lots of fruit for them,haha. while they enjoy eating,
i played two song for them
'my valentine' and 'kiss the rain' LOL, so romantic and enjoying huh.
they said my house too romantic and with my piano if i played for my gf at this night,
she sure will love die me. lol, my gf aint a romantic LIKE person..haha
they also said my house is suitable for couples to pak tor there xD LOL
so if any couple wana have a nice place to dinner and listen piano melody,
u can come my house xD,
 i do it free for you~ lol

btw p/s:
my house only romantic at night, why?
i'll take pics of my house day and night for another post,
then you'll see the different x) hehe. wait for it yaa ;)

Last stop, yunna house. too bad we dint took any pics. ;/
we continuee gamnbling untill 2am morning and we return homee.
what a day. ;) fully occupied. COOL .

thats all toodles then ;)
miss ya.

Monday, February 14, 2011


suddenly realize that all my post was being emo. xS
think i should close down my blog, hmm..

deactivating .....

btw, i've a post that scolding shtt to a person
can i post up? i really cant stand ittt.. ;x