Thursday, February 11, 2010

KL trip part 1

Day 0
depart from Penang, mindnite 1 am.
guess everyone especially schooling child in a sweet dream include my babe after she accompany until i get in the bus.

@sungai nibong toilet

this is our bus. & my friend =)

Day 1
Arrive KL early in 5.45am. when i get down from bus,i still so sleepy & bluring to notice what the heck of whole bunch of white shirt guys standing at the door bus. I tot of some kind of welcoming. i froze at the bus entrance for 10 second until i heard lot of voice calling "teksi teksi,where u want to go?" =.= shit u.
reject all of you~ stand far way & waited for my friends.

OK,done group up, what?! an indian keep on following my friend, & keep on hypnotize us to sit his teksi.
hypno~ hpyno~ & hypno~ we did follow him to his teksi.
at 1st t, he said will charge us rm 20 for the ride. who knows, he tell us all the reason have to add more credit to rm50 & the reasons are reasonable..FUCK ! end up we pay rm 50 and yet, you know wat ?! he says he DONT KNOW THE PLACE.
guess wat..............
he threw us at ESSO petol station bus stop ! argh
FURL !!!

after get off from his tek, i feel tat my pant was sort of wet, but i dint care, i just tot mayb i'm sweating till my pant wet,since is hot in his tek, who knows junior said "y are ur pant yellowish" smtg not right. turn my sight to pant...geezh..(can i scold FUCK again?) FUCK FUCK FUCK !! tat teksi seat is dirty full of IDK wat the hell yellowish water is tat..
so? i wash my white pant @ ESSO petrol station toilet . ( too bad i dint get this photo of my poor look ) xD

while waiting for soon fook fren come, took some vain pic wif junior. xD


reach fook friend house @ 9am. get some rest, @ 11am,we bath & get ourself ready.

prepared prepared hush hush*


i become their hairstylist.. @@

at 1st we want to went PUDU RAYA, should be got off from LRT at PLAZA RAKYAT, but we got off the wrong stop at PUDU,so we walk the whole way to TIME SQUARE 1st to shopp~

taking LRT to PUDU RAYA

waiting for the train


whole gang

inside LRT

sit down exausted.

end up got off wrong station.
walk walk walk walk* 30 mins reach time square. peesh ~

@ time square.

@ sungai wang. my KL fren..=)

i bought this at TIME SQUARE.
originally is nothing, &  i draw the face..xD

but i dirty it somehow behide the back of the bread.xD
so decide to buy again new before back to penang.

cute isnt it huh?
currently is for my baby..guess she wont believe is i'm draw. sigh.*

@ nite,i dint stay with fook & heng. but stay with junior & soo at junior fren house.

on fon with baby that day. i'm so happy to talk with her. =)
i miss vanessa ching so so so much.

and that all for DAY 1.
the post are long. hope wont make u feel sleepy har~xD                                                            

sorry again.

why do i always hurt your feel ..
what have i done this time again & again.

vannez chuah when will you be grown up !
how many time u have to hurt people.
how many time u have to let the one you love sad & hurt.
will you feel good if someone did the same thing to u?!
how do you feel if u was her ?
you totally a big asshole jerk !
fuck me!

u're everything to me now.
no matter what price it will take,
no matter what life will be took away by GOD
i'm willing to pay for it to keep you by my side.

neither u believe me nor trust me.
i'll be best for you.
more and better that you've never had,
as long as i could.

dear,sorry for wat i've done
i love you so much that u've never know.

you have made me what i am,
& i'm yours for sure.

Monday, February 8, 2010


will be update new post sooon
kinda lazy, plus no time yet.

BTW when is my next sem start ya?
wat a student of me..= =
waiting for my result. looooooooooooooo..