Saturday, October 9, 2010


286 days.
thanks for let it last this long.
gona 300days soon.
i'm glad to have u sincerly
although u'll be break my heart or make me disappoint.
but its okayy dear :]

said before
we gona celebrate for every 100days
do u still remember ? hmm.
every once 100days isn't easy to get through.
every this days pass some are good and some are not

in 100days,
u might have change, u might inlove with somebody else
u might don't love me anymore, u might hate me, u might feel vexed with me
so every each day i count i worry i afraid i tears
this feel i'll keep beneath it.
if you know, please act as u don't
cause i wana u see me in tough part, like a real man.

way still far, there's no road can be seen
at first, i tot i saw it clear, but i'm wrong, coz is just me who see it alone.
heh. hmm,
well, i'm gona learn to be strong to face the day when you leave me right?.
can i? i don't know too.
i'd learn, but i failed over n over again. okay, telling myself is okayy.