Wednesday, April 28, 2010

cant upload video,
cant post anything..arghh
fed up

Monday, April 19, 2010


I'm sorry again ,
this is the 5th time i made u unhappy.
before im together wif u i ad made u cry.
all i still remember how unhappy u are.
and this time is the 1st time,
u cant forgive me for so long.
it been 2days.
i'm so afraid.
wat i afraid of is i'll be losing of u.



Saturday, April 17, 2010

Final paper + Dating

Wake up at 10+ am.
get prepare and went to library for study ~
with whom ?
friends ? classmate ?
noppee.. her =,= bahaa..

reaching there early, already quite full house,
about 12pm im reach, why nowadays people are so so so so hardworking =.=
cant they just stay at home, and sleeeep ? duh~ it weekend....

Fine, found a nice place for both of us.
im so concentrate, sudenly she poke me..>.<
because she stuck on that chinese falsafah ? lol
i have to help her to think some silly question for the chinese...zzz
manage to think somee..not bad,
since 3yrs ago i not been touching any chinese knowldge, i still smart enough..xDD !!

we had lunch at MCD, 2 set of fillet O fish.. arghh..too full, wat an idiot i'am
i shud be order 1 set and extra 1 burger. STUPID STUPID STUPID ~~@@
back to study, chit-chat in the car, playing around, skip skip skip..ehe

bafore back home, snap shot~
sleeping shot xD

she closing her forehead, why??
big big pimples there mah~~ xDD!!

look into my eyes.
are u inlove with me? ehehe

she dicking my nose.
OMG.. so dirty...>.<

aiyo, my little love one so shy shy,


Oh, tat all for 2day~ ehee...
by the way, i kena SAMAN on my way home...
oOo u POLICE ~ i dono what i did wrong.
actually im wrong too la...watever...tak syok mean tak syok.. !!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

nothing to update

Nothing to update but still update.. xDD xSS
12 April will be my final year exam, after that i'll bcome senior.
will b having junior soon..hurayy !

Tami birthday is sooon too, so at here wishing her HAPPY BIRTHDAY !
wish her stay happy & no more emo bcoz of love stuff nah...kolian nia~~
and apologize i might not able to celebrate her birthday =(
coz the nex day i still have exam...sorry~

today, goin study wif my baby dear..
so crowded, coincidence sitting with my junior high school's friend..zzz
and they keep chit chatting, WTF, so noisy, make my babe fed up.
change place**
head to MCD, who knows, out of car park, is ok....i can stop at roadside,
and who knows again, i leave my money at library and it is in my pencil box !! argh ...
back to library having cup noodle~ making 1 for her too =))
(p/s: i always make those silly mistake infront of babe almost uncountable, i bet she never met this type of silly person)
ehe, however, so syok today. something hold on for too loooong since N
(p/s: since when har? i forget, u might remember not? )
cant release,
and today am release-ing..wahaha..=.=
but baby is scared, idk scared of wat.. =(( make me sad...sigh sigh sigh***
back home @ abt 6pm. watching her get on car....tata~

continue study at MCD near my house...but wat am i doing there??
look the picture below...xDD wahaha...