Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Memories & Life in National Service (PLKN) -- Part 1

Hi readers, guess what? This is a dead blog. Aha, it been awhile since my last update on 2012. So, save the lengthy thread and welcome to infiltrate an new experience of mine. ;))

Before memories start fade away, this is the best place for me to record my feelings & f*king everything that happen in PLKN a.k.a NS. 

I can still vividly remember the feeling of panic, starting from the day when I receive "National Service letter" from the postman. He approach at my doorstep, and asked if XXX (that's me) home. I replied "nope" owing to know something fishy. He then told me this is a must to hand this letter to that person.
Wuaalaa, army service!!

1st thought 1st reaction 1st feeling : DEAD MEAT, PANIC, CRY MY ASS OUT!!
Then I seek everywhere for help hope that im able to escape again. My army service was actually fall on four yrs back, i've escape once w/ the reason of continue further study, and it came back. So there's no more reason to scrape off, unless u're able to study till the age of 35yrs. Yet, if u having health problem w/ medical prove from gov.m/ then congrats u r free. So, at last i've force to attend this program.

There are limits within 3days for the registration.
On Aug17, the last day of enrollment incamp and also my very 1st day.
They carry out medical check up on ur health, giving your dorm number, test ur Malay language & checking backpack. (u're not allow to bring any sharp object or hard iron thingy which include iron hanger).
After all done, we have to went down the hill to take uniform, bed sheet, spike boots and more.
There's the moment i knew some new friends, an indian and bunch of malays and two chinese.
THE HILL, imagine we have to went up and down this hill everyday to attend class.

Back to dorm, unpack everything, arranging my shelf bla bla bla..
430pm teabreak then rocall for briefing. 630pm dinner, 7pm--830pm free time.
10pm supper, 1030pm rocall then back to dorm. 11pm lights off, which mean we have to sleep D:
gosh, this is not my lifestyle. The 1st night, im insomnia......

The 2nd day fall on Sunday, family day, dad and grandma had came up to see me and bring some of necessities. Family are only allow to visit till evening 5pm only. Sunday is our free time, so we can relax and enjoy napping for whole afternoon. Till 5pm we have to rocall again, same routine 630 dinner 7 to 8pm free time 11pm sleep. 2nd night.................insomnia still.

3rd day, Monday. On weekdays schedule will be slightly different. We have morning exercising, so everyone have to wake at 530am, back at home normally i wake at 1pm and now 630am start exercising. Damn ! 730am breakfast, the canteen often serve fried rice, sometime nasi lemak, fried mee and bihun only. sigh, no other choice anymore. D: 
830am we have to attend class. Yep, the lame class, subject is all about moral/role model stuff instead of teaching basic army knowledge. 

The class book. -___-

1030am they give us a break then we havtta climb up the hill to canteen hunt for food. Gosh, it really challenge my stamina. Untill 1245pm lunch hour, our class dismiss then we climb up once again. DDD:
Within 1pm to 230pm is rest time. We either nap,bathe, reading novel, wash clothes, etc. 

At 230pm they mostly will carry out activities like briefing abt obstacle activities that we going to do soon or extracurricular lecture abt policeman,firefighter,drugs information or  mini games. It kinda boring, trust me it ain't fun at all. -___- mostly what will I do during that time was doze off or chitchatting non-stop w/ friends. Lol.