Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saturday Date 2012

This morning when i wake up it alrdy 2pm.
 I dont get a nice feeling to anything, something empty. 
supposed having a date at 3pm/4pm, but something screw up.
here we are, quarrel again. FML. This time situation getting intense and serious, guess what? "breakup"
yea, we did. so? skip skip skip.... i manage to save our relation. sigh, i really dont like what had happen.

After settle down, we stick back to our date, we went to 1st avenue shoes point to look for shoes, cause somebody had ruin her sister shoes -__- but we fail to find around 1st ave, then we head to new world park, fail too. At last we went to gurney, still fail. gwad! wat a luck. But then something catch our eyes, we manage to find the shoes marbles at bracelet store, hahaha! We bought one of the bracelet that have a "mickey" design, too bad i had too pluck off "mickey" side ears to repair the damn shoe. -_____- 
And is success ;D still the bracelet use able.

After that, we went for night movie "The Women In Black" by Daniel Radcliffe
gosh, what a very nice movie that scared the shit out of me LOL.
Guys, seriously go check out this movie ;))
btw my next stop for haunted movie will be "devil inside"

Fuck yeah, praise me for my guts, cause i will watch it at MIDNIGHT

ohyea, since i don't know how to spend this stupid government money :

I use it to buy this :

     Disney bottle xD this is a gift for her.

   and this new wireless mouse x)) for myself. teehee !

that all, adios, and goodnight. ;)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

2012 1st post

hello guys. blog been dead for so long. Kindly busying for lot of stuff.
shud keep update make it more alive and more readers. LOL

It been 3months, okay, u know what, i cant write any nicee post now,
i need wreak out my anger, gosh. am deeply frustrated.
my mind stuck, emotional out of control, and fucking depressed.

there, and kindly fucking insane now! all i can think is shout out loud :
FUCK fuck fuck fuck.

what the fuck u want from me?!
i hate quarreling. a tiny minnie miney lil' things we can dig out and quarrel.
i hate it, i really hate it!
STOP it, gaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

i'm aint normal, u ain't normal either, so there's nothing we can have a normal couple life u see.
U such a honey, u attract,lure any single insect around you. fuck it. zzz
RT "how i wish to kill all guys who talk to you"

okay that it, just yelled out my thought,
sorry for the random post and annoying.