Saturday, November 26, 2011

Letter to Santa

Dear santa,
It's going to chirstmas. But im not really looking forward and happy for. There's some reason, reason that no one could understand or even try to understand me :/

Once a bad guy, always a bad guy. This is what they(family) think of me. They dont really fond of me.
Proverb had says, everyone deserve a second chance. Why cant i? They dont even give me the chance and time. I just need a little bit more of time, but in a short period, i cant make myself change, they'll determine i'm the naughty ones. So i've done with it, use to it, and that is it. Keep being the mean-ness for them. :(

Dear Santa,
If you're real, i just wish to want a happiness life. You see,i cant even manage my own relation to be smooth in all the way, all i did was to mess things up and All i did was often followed my emotional to works things out, and it get worsen. My EQ is totally 0. Such an emotional freak loser. I dont want to be this way :'( i dont want quarrels in my relationship :'/ but my emotional is overpower me :(
can you just grant a little luck with happiness for me?and please take away the emo sensation from me. it will be very delight. thankyou santa.

P/s : random thought of my nagging.

I want have a celebration of x'mas with her. Hopefully there's a time for us.
I ♥ her THIS much.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Hello, blog been dead for months . relive it now. :)
wonder still does anyone read my blog.

Well, recently in love with a new song, “那些年”
Listen to it.  A song that remind every past you've been.

This song come with a  movie " you are the apple of my eyes"
the storyline really touching. It trigger my memory from secondary school.
I bet everyone see this movie will have the same thought same memory too.
how you did silly in class, skipping class, bully weak.
when the 1st time u inlove with a girl, and the memory of your 1st love in school.
Well, i miss my school life real much. Now, im just being jobless, studyless, lifeless.

Anyhow, im okay with it, because i have my own apple of my eyes now. x)
Although we keep quarrel from the beginning we been together, although we both cant even tolerate each other sometimes, although i have so much complaint with, although we both get jealous easily, all i want my apple to know is i will always appreciate & love her.  this apple is the nice-iest i ever got. cause she can endure my bad temper and attitude. thanks god, that the best gift i ever had . please make her stay forever .