Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yes or No (chinese subtitle)

ah, is a thailand new video. will be release in december 16, wow, is still sooooo long, hmm, nvm, i'll wait.

title: Yes or No
is about a young girl(tb) when she small she met a new friend which jus transfer in this school.
they grew up together in the same school till secondary, after that they dint ever met,
but somehow they met in college (i guess not sure abt the story but it seem this way, heh)
at 1st,the girl couldnt recognize that tb, well...see this MV for urself, i dont know how to explain.LOL

that all i can search.
hope u guys enjoy <3

Monday, November 15, 2010

Crystal liu

ahaha, my crystal liu, damn like her, lol..
hehe, she wear speec, still so pretty xDDD
sorry leehom, i crop u out..buahaha, coz i dont like u ,
u kiss her...grrrrrrrr
this the part u gona kiss her...T_T

hoho,she damn pretty ler, although she almost old dy, still natural beauty xD
nonid makeup eh girl is the prettiest girl to mee...hehe


gosh, i've left my blog dead for a month i think, i bet no reader wana come and have a look too.-.-
how are everyone? if passby, then leave ur msg at the message board yaa. hehe

well, recently life not bad, slowly get well along with my love.
 but i don't know how long can it last, hmm..
quotes state that "Even the prettiest flower will die one day. It's nature's way of teaching us that nothing lasts forever"
so, i think i should'nt care much in this relationship huh?
another quotes state the " the power of relationship last come from careless" huh? i should do that too?
hmm..but i'll appreciate every single moment that i had together with her.
Of coz, i still wish to be with her till i have the money and married her in other country,
if she willing to let me own her, made her my bride this life.
I'm sure she will be the world most happiness & prettiest bride, READERS u're are my WITNESSES.

please dont make me change girlfriend anymore if can..hmmmm....

but out there if u wana be my girlfriend, there are 3 condition:
1. u're shorter than me
2. u must be educated, ingenious, self-respect, self-controlled
3. u must have same objective with me, to fight for our future.

that all =)