Sunday, May 22, 2011


Hello, i realized that my blog is being so doom and emo. -.-
all those farking miserable post. tsk tsk* bet you guys feel emo on behalf me ;p

okay, no more emo post xD
here's my outing post.
i dont really like to write much, so let have some picture to look :)

I went for hiking. Pantai Keracut, Penang .
it took us 1.5hour, 3KM to reach the beach.
u can imagine how tough and far is it. :/

This is our entrance. Say cheeeese*
morning 8.30am start.

i like that kido with a "peace" hand sign beside me :p 
FYI, she the shortest among us. x) and she join us for hiking LOL.
i wonder short leg have any burden in hiking? xD

Starting point*

walk walk stop stop and snap , put ur hand in the air** xD

imma so rude. oOo xD

Finally we reach the beach. took some pics again. x)

well well, imma so cool wey x) agree? bahaha. joking*

hey guys, im a monkey xD

Here's the BEACH, the " Bitch " xD

imma so enjoyable ..heheee.. LOVE ma live. x)

that all readers. thanks for visiting.
and please leave a message after u're visiting x)
and remember visit my Tumblr too, i had wrote about "Insidious" x)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


something had confuse my mind
i dont know how to express it.
it just way too complicated.

i meet some situation that i dont know how to handle.
i fall for a person that i shouldnt be fall with.
i become the position that i mustn't be in her's heart.
and become a destroyer in her relation.

i dont like you at the 1st place and 1st sight, 
im sooooo dislike you and damn "law" you before i knew you, 
and the most important is that i know that you're not available !
so i never tot anything with it.

But now what the heck is going wrong with me?
everything just happen too fast till i unable to catch it.
And when i realize, i just knew i like you lot. THIS LOT !
I shouldnt.... I fucking shouldnt.. !
Im so serious in fucking trouble . 

I'm so dilemma now, tell me what shud i do?
i should pull myself away from you and smile.
Tell you that i'll be worry my princess.
that is wat i suppose to do.
Dont ever feel sorry. is ain't anyone fault...
Leave it, and left those word that unspoken. :')

2nd dilemma, is the same problem,
i'm not a guy, i'm so not a man nor boy.
i cant give you any forever promise.
eventually u'll be choosing a guy.

Real fuck it ! why should  i have to be a girl ?!
why on earth this things couldnt be acceptable by society hmm?
Do you anyone understand my feelings? and those pressure i should bear?