Friday, August 26, 2011

I never grown up

Vannez chuah, stop acting this way, how many person really can stand for it? How long they really can accept for this? Try to be grown up man! If u can't change urself, then change ur attitude.

U treat ur family so shit, and now even the person u love, why don't u understand they just want u to be good and not get hate by others. U look like a man but u're not the man if keep on this attitude , just a silly boyish bitch that ppl hatred. :'((

I'm sorry I'm sorry to those ppl I hurt, I insult, I torture. I shouldn't be so mean. I'm not a hooligan, sorry tho. I'll try to be nice .

And I'm so sorry for my love one, baby hard time for u dy :/ thanks for ur patient.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


I so freaking scared, what a worst nitemaree. I'm thinking if is real 'it' enter my dream? It feel so real.

( I cnt really remember vividly but somehow that part I remember )
The story is like this :

I , sis , mom and dad was on a vacation to a place. It happen in a hotel. I remember that hotel was so beautiful, totally a paradise. there's swimming pool, garden, mini bar, etc watever shit lar.

Back to the main point, and I and dad was going to the pool , somehow I felt something weird, someone is following, when I look around there's nothing.

I turn to front intend to tell my dad, it like something drag me further away from him, all i see like mist around. I shouted at him "Wei! Slow down! Wait for me" but he was like can't heard my shout. I ran towards him as fast I could and grab him, that time I realized it just a short distance frm me to him. That weird.

Back to the hotel room, me, sis and mom sleep in a same bed. Mom sleep at middle. She sleep more close to sis, and there's left kinda big space for me, can still have another person squeeze beside.

From that moment, I felt some existence bside me, all I know is close my damn eyes tight and stay under the blanket and try eat some space off. I once heard old folks said don't left space on ur bed, it like giving the things sleeping bside u. But I don't have the guts to do so, I stick even more close to mom, and there leave a big space.

This time I felt my body shiver ( in a reality I do really shiver)
I keep mumble to myself and keep chant for god and Buddhist scripture. I tot tat like tat 'it' would be afraid and leave me alone, but who knows it worst.

"it" start bugging me with weird whisper, touching my hair and hand. So I pray even more hard as well, and "woosh" the thing scratch my leg, 3 line ! I freak out I wake mom and tell her, she freak out too. She try to help me and we start chanting for god more hard. But there's useless. The chanting provoke 'it' , the thing start scratch more on my leg. I just can look at my leg bleeding and scratches getting more and more. So helpless, mom still praying , I cried so hard.

"what do u want from me?!" I yelled. I'm regret that I asked this stupid question, cause it changed to a vivid form. I can see HER in a human shape. She scratch a name on my hand " JINO LOO" I duno who's the fucking ppl is. I asked " I duno who is it, and I'm not the person, why are u do this to me?!"

She strangle my neck so damn hard and look at me, her face freaking vicious. Eyes in red. Walaoooo, I wont forget this ferocious face. And she said " is u! Is u! The accident crash. So u have to go with meeeeeee! " she pulled me hard. I struggled.

Successly Struggle out, and tell her okay I go with you but u have to let me settle mine. She allowed. Actually I tricked her. Somehow duno where came out a girl, she ask me to go "go, quickly go! Run as far as u can. Go down and shut the lift quickly. I be scapegoat for u. " the lift shut. And I was like finally I can wake.


Actually I freak out and wonder is it if I follow her go or that girl dint came for the rescue, and I won't able to wake up?? Just like that movie insidious? 
Plus now is the Chinese ghost month day. That the reason why I talk nonsense.

Till now I still chilling.
What a nitemare.
I better go for a pray. It still in my mind.